The New Voyager in Brooklyn

The New Voyager in Brooklyn


The New Voyager in Brooklyn is an eclectic city guide for adventurous young readers!  
It has two sides and opens as a pop-up. Your kid(s) will get: 

  • A selection of 34 fun addresses to explore : a roller skating rink, a tree house, a chocolate factory, a flea market, just to name a few! Once they have visited a place, little travelers can tick the box next to the address icon and feel proud! 
  • A unique map of Brooklyn hand drawn and painted in gouache by Maggie Prendergast, a nomadic illustrator and graphic designer, born and raised in New York. 
  • A blank page to portray their favorite part of Brooklyn.

The New Voyager in Brooklyn is 5x7" (13x18 cm)
unfolds into 7x25" (18x65 cm)

Printed in France.



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