The New Voyager collection

The New Voyager collection


We take it you are a fan and/or a happy traveler!
Why not treat yourself and get the first four maps of The New Voyager Collection, even if you may not have visited all these cities?

The New Voyager maps make wonderful decoration items, sweet gifts for children and are unique city guides with a trend spotting and kid-friendly twist in each one of them.

  • The New Voyager in Paris is illustrated by Steffie Brocoli and offers 27 must see places in the City of Light.
    It comes with a set of two postcards featuring the cover of the city guide.

  • The New Voyager in Lisbon is the artwork of Rafaela Rodrigues and is a travel journey into Lisbon through 31 fantastic activities.
    It comes with a set of two postcards : Jardim da Estrela and a vintage royal carriage.

  • The New Voyager in Brooklyn is illustrated by Maggie Prendergast and offers 34 fun activities to enjoy in the Big Apple.
    It comes with a set of two postcards: the brownstone from the cover of the city guide and the iconic water tower in Dumbo.

  • The New Voyager in Los Angeles is the artwork of Keiko Brodeur and presents 25 essential places to visit in the City of Angels.
    It comes with two postcards featuring an adaptation of the cover of the New Voyager in Los Angeles.

The New Voyager City Guides are 5x7 (13x18) and unfold into 7x25 (18x25cm).

Printed with love and care in Europe and in the USA.

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