THE NEW VOYAGER is a globetrotting publisher.


We started off in Los Angeles in 2014 and now share our time between France and England.
Our first collection of illustrated travel guides is for adventurous kids and wandering grown-ups with an inquisitive mind.


To share our love of travel and beautiful images with the young generation, and invite them to travel a different path.

The New Voyager is about traveling differently as a family.
The journey begins with looking at an illustration and imagining the city you are about to explore. Then, once you are there, it is all about taking the time to discover a museum, an artist's studio or a garden. 
We suggest visiting fewer places, but taking the time to experience them fully.
Our travel guides have been designed and written with children in mind with easy text to read in English and playful drawings. Our aim is for kids to become active drivers of the trip by suggesting activities they have spotted on the map. 


We believe in a slow life philosophy and in less rushed, more thoughtful lifestyles. In our digital and consumerist world, we want to offer children a unique illustration of a city with all its best spots, and a beautiful object to treasure as a souvenir. 

Each one of our maps is hand-drawn especially for us, then painted by a local artist who presents a personal and unique vision of their city. The illustration can then be framed or pinned up so that the journey can continue back home.
We believe in a greener and more sustainable world. 
Our guides followed us in our journey from the USA to Europe: initially printed in California on 100% recycled paper, they are now printed in France on high quality paper from sustainable sources.