We believe in travelling differently as a family
We wish for our children to become independent, curious travellers.
Through The New Voyager Maps, our aim is to engage kids in their families’ travels and encourage them to discover new places with enthusiasm and an open mind.  
All our city guides are hence designed for children to explore on their own: easy to read texts are nestled inside playful, colourful illustrations. 

We believe in taking time to visit a city
We would rather explore fewer places and have the time to enjoy them fully. We like to spend an entire afternoon cruising a small square, exploring a museum inside and out, or discovering the secrets of a hidden artist studio. 
This is why you will find 30 unique spots in each one of our city guides.
These special places have all been tested and loved by us. 

We believe in building memories and sharing stories
Part of the magic of going off on an adventure is reminiscing about it later.
The New Voyager Maps are evocative souvenirs of your kids’travels: frame them or unfold them on a shelf once you and they have returned home.

We believe in a greener and more sustainable world
We use high quality, heavyweight paper
and we always print locally with the best artisans. 
So far our outstanding, eco-conscious printers include:
Defrance Printing in California using paper from French Paper Co, (a sixth-generation family-owned hydroelectric paper mill located in Michigan);
 La Manufacture d'Histoires Deux-Ponts in France and M2 in Portugal.

Above all, we believe that nurturing curiosity and creativity through travelling is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy life!