Our story



The New Voyager was created in 2015 by Emma Swinscoe. 
A French journalist and author of Le New York des Paresseuses for Hachette, Emma's love of travelling and passion for illustration was catalysed by her daughters' curiosity about the world.
The New Voyager Maps were created from this felicitous union and have been guiding new adventurers on two continents since then. 
After living in the USA for seven years and in Paris for three, Emma is now based in England. She writes for MILK Magazine and the French edition of Grazia Magazine, and her daughters are her regular travelling companions on her global peregrinations.


Each city guide is illustrated by a local artist and originally drawn and painted by hand.

Steffie BrocoliThe New Voyager in Paris
Steffie attended the prestigious École Estienne in Paris and is building a successful career as a children’s illustrator. She also enjoys painting bright murals around Paris and working with schools, as well as mastering new crafts such as weaving and embroidery.


Keiko Brodeur, The New Voyager in Los Angeles
Keiko is the artist behind the successful line of paper goods, Small Adventure.All her work is inspired by nature and outdoor life. Keiko lives and works in Pasadena, California.


Maggie Prendergast, The New Voyager in Brooklyn
Maggie is a self-styled nomadic illustrator. She was born and raised in New York but flies to Japan as often as she can, her second home. She works as a designer for sustainable and artisanal brands around the world.


Rafaela Rodrigues, The New Voyager in Lisbon
Rafaela was born and raised in the Portuguese island of Madeira and now lives in Lisbon. She loves drawing all things of the sea as well as travelling around Europe with her sketchbook. Her artwork is on view at the wonderful O! Galeria in Porto and in Lisbon.